35th Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2024

You may have heard that the one who eats wedding fights regrets what he does not eat. In this article, we will congratulate the married couple who ate this 35 years ago.  Here are the best 35th Wedding Anniversary Wishes.

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I still remember when I first saw you 35 years ago You were in the corner of my favorite cafe, reading a book alone. I just couldn’t get out of your site and I’m so glad I didn’t. Happy 35th wedding anniversary love.

When something goes wrong with you I realize that even if you tell me this, I just know it. I guess that’s how we know it’s real. Happy 35th birthday to the love of my life.

I remember you looked so beautiful at our wedding in our white Cinderella dress. You made me the happiest that day and I still love that moment. Happy 35th Birthday. Where are you for me?

Ever since our eyes first met, I knew in an instant that I have been placed in this universe to love you. And I promise you that I will love you to the end. Happy 35th Anniversary.

The way you bumped into me in the college hall was not the way I intended to fulfill the love of my life. Sure it wasn’t perfect but I’m glad it happened. Beautiful 35th Birthday Beautiful.


35th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Here is another year of solidarity. I hope we can live life to the fullest and be as adventurous as we are now. We’ve spent 35 years together and we’ve gone forever. Happy birthday dear

The 35 years I spent with you was my happiest years. You have told me what real happiness is and I hope we will continue to travel together forever. Happy Birthday, Honey. I love you very much.

I always dreamed of love, a perfect companion, and a story. But I never thought that love could be so beautiful and pure. Happy another year blooming in love. My dream of growing old with you is finally coming true.

There is a way to perform miracles in life and my work happened when it showed me the way for you. You are amazing in every way. It’s been 35 years since we promised to be together and it feels like tomorrow.

I was able to love myself even more after loving you. The way you loved me made me feel beautiful inside. I am forever grateful to have you in my life. Congratulations babe on her 35th wedding anniversary.

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It’s been 35 since we got married and I want to tell you that you are still my favorite person, the first person I run away from whenever I have a bad day and my only home.

I can’t say that only good times have passed with us but I’m glad we worked together with all the rough times. I could not be surrounded by any of us. Happy 35th Birthday Dear. I’m glad we’ve taken it so far.

35th Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Another year has passed and yet you do not fail to put a smile on my face every morning. Your existence has made me the happiest person alive 35 years of happiness with you.

If I had decided to spend my life with someone else I would not be as happy as I am today. I’m mostly dumb but marrying you was a great decision I made. Happy 35th Birthday Babe

It’s been 35 years of marriage and I’m still pretty crushed on you. You are such an amazing person whose heart is golden. I am proud of who you are today and I will always be. Happy birthday honey

From meeting you at the party to crush to this day, I’m so glad I took the opportunity. You have the best deal with me. Happy 35 years of solidarity love.

There is no one but me sitting on the balcony watching the beautiful sunset. I still love you today as I did at our wedding. My love has grown stronger. Happy birthday my dear wife.

35th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

There has been a beautiful journey with you from sending you good morning texts to wishing you a good morning with a kiss. I will always love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, love. You are such a beauty.

You have given me the beautiful days of my life. I loved all the moments we spent together. They are and will always be very valuable. I hope to have more beautiful days with you. Happy wedding anniversary my dear.

35thwedding anniversary to my wife. Thank you for enduring with me when I was in my worst condition and thank you for all these years of happiness. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me.

I knew that when we had the opportunity, we would spend it all the time. I had unfounded confidence in us. In all these years, my love has only grown stronger. Beautiful 35th Birthday

As long as you’re with me I can’t care less about anything. By you I mean the world and without you, I would not be the man I am today. I love you with all my heart.

Happy 35th Anniversary. You have given me the best gift of time. Your never-ending love and help. I hope you know that I will be forever grateful to him. You have made my life so perfect by living in it.

35th Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Even after all this time, when I see your honey brown eyes and this beautiful smile, I also get butterflies. I want to be awake with you till my last breath. Happy 35th Birthday Babe. I love you very much.

You have given me the sweetest memories, seeing the beautiful sun together and much more. Happy birthday beautiful. I hope we always bloom in love together. I love you.

May your life be beautiful together (Happy wedding anniversary

May you have all the happiness and love of the world and congratulations on your wedding anniversary wishes

May you have more smiles, more happiness, and more love in the years to come. Happy wedding anniversary

Be a good husband and wife to each other. May you have happiness, love, and comfort in the years to come. Happy wedding anniversary

Have a nice and happy year. Happy wedding anniversary

You will find great joy and love in the years to come. Happy wedding anniversary

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